The Secret to Fe Fitness Programming

October 17, 2021

I promised I would tell you the secret to Fe Fitness Programming, so keep reading or watch this video now to find out how we make every routine a personal training session.  

The Unexpected Truth Behind Fitness Programs | Weight Loss vs. Strength Training Youtube Video: Watch Me

Programming Fe Style

Creating and executing an effective exercise program is truly a skill.  At The Fitness Ethic, the secret to our fitness programs is our exercises are adaptable.  Adaptable in our fitness world means most of our routines can be modified to fit almost any fitness level or goal.  To be honest, this is the trademark of a good fitness program, but often is forgotten.  

We believe most fitness goals can fall into 3 categories: Weight Loss (Beginner), Strength (Intermediate), and Performance (advance).  Often, we find that fitness levels can be interchangeable with our clients goals. We all have to learn to walk before we can run. However, sometimes you will encounter clients that have a higher skill level than their goals allude to. You may be saying to yourself, “This seems complicated and unfeasible.” Trust us it is simple because our fitness programs are adaptable. One of our favorite words is modification.

How To Break Down Your Routine

First, you modify the movement to the appropriate fitness level.  For example, the first move of the series is designed to be a cardio lower body move, so we choose Squat Jump.  Squat jump can be modified to the following:

Beginner: Triple Extension Squat Body Weight 

Intermediate: Squat Jump 

Advance: Squat Jump with weight.  

Secondly, you further customize the workout by modifying the following 3 variables: 

Weight: the load the athlete is under 

Tempo: the pace the athlete is expected to perform

Time: the duration of the move and rest  

Exercise Example

Below is an example of how we would adapt the squat jump for a client that has a goal of weight loss, but is an intermediate fitness level.

GoalFitness LevelWeightTempoTime
Weight LossIntermediate Body Weight1 jump/sec30 sec on / 10 sec off

Now You Try Or Let Fe Do The Heavy Lifting

As you can see, The Fitness Ethic program style is customizable to any want or need, which is why we consider all of our services personal training.  There is no one fitness program that fits all, and we understand that concept at Fe.  If you are interested in personal training, schedule a free consultation today!