Personal Training Client Success Story: How To Start Your Fitness Journey

October 24, 2021

Fitness Ethic Personal Trainer, Mike Berbano interviewed our Semi-Personal Training Client Nick German about his journey with FeXP and living a more active lifestyle.  

Interview Recap | Youtube Video: Watch Me

Q1: How long have you been doing the Fitness Ethic Experience?

A: About 1 year and 2 months.  I come on average 3 times a week or 12 times/month.

Q2: How has your lifestyle changed?

A: I have gone from sedentary playing video games to moving consistently every week.  My whole life prior to this past year I have been pretty inactive.  During Covid, I finally got board of just sitting around the house, and decided to try the studio.

Q3: Is the beginning hard?

A: Yes! You will be sore and muscles you never knew you had will hurt, but the pain is all worth it.

Q4: When did you start seeing a change?

A: I use to be really self conscious about my body, but one day I started notice I have these things called muscles.  So I started wearing tank tops to show them off.  It felt good to see my hard work change my body.  

Q5: What are some of your fitness goals?

A: I want to bench my body weight, which I am pretty close to accomplishing.  I also want to bulk more too. Overall I want to be strong and look strong. 

We highly suggest watching and listening to Nick’s interview because he does a great job of illustrating not only the physical, but mental change you feel once you start living an active lifestyle.  


The Fitness Ethic is more than a personal training studio, but also a fitness family.  We love when our athletes success in the studio and life.   If you are interested in personal training, schedule a free consultation today!