The Fitness Ethic Podcast |Episode 6

June 14, 2020

We would like to introduce you to the Fitness Ethic’s dear friend, client, and amazing web developer, Chris Esh. Chris was the first person we decided to interview on the Fitness Ethic Podcast (outside of the team) because he truly believe he embodies the Fitness Ethic MINDSET.

Chris is the owner of Spacious, a web design and digital marketing firm here in Philadelphia. As one of Spacious’ clients we can attest to Chris’ design thinking, attention to detail, and overall desire for his client’s business to succeed.

The goal of our podcast is to bridge the gap between fitness and life. Here are a few instances in which Chris’ fitness and life journey became one. There are many more, but you will have to watch the podcast to find out!


You will often find that life long friendships start with physical endeavors. Chris and Giovanni’s friendship is a prime example of how sports/athletics can bring two people together who may have otherwise never met. Despite difference life journey’s and time, their brotherhood has lasted 15 plus years. Chris is also experiencing the same type of connection with a group of friends he met at the gym and through working out. While most people go to the gym to make a better connection with their body, one of the greatest connections important connections is the unsuspecting life long friends.


In life and athletics we often strive to be the best or fall among the best. Our mindset almost shifts to say, “Bad days are not acceptable.” However, we all experience off days, bad moments, and losses. These “fails” are only viewed as such because we choose to live in those moments, rather than just accepting them as part of our journey. Chris’ new motto in life and fitness is, “This too shall pass,” and he is right. Our worst lifting day or work day does not have be viewed as much more than a fleeting moment. With time, patience, practice, and incremental growth our PR is right around the corner.


“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”
― Jerzy Gregorek

You cannot fake results in fitness. Desirable results only come to those who are willing to do the work. Life has the same exact outcomes. We know everyone has heard the saying, “If it was easy, then everyone would do it.” Chris has learned, while the hard choices are not easy, they are worth it:

“I’m naturally a person that is very aware of all of the possible downsides/dangers to a decision, which often made me put off hard and scary choices in the past. But I’m learning that the more I let my fears dictate my choices, the larger they become. On the flip side, doing the hard things and facing the fears now gets me to the other side, and the fear subsides. Starting my business was a hard choice at the time, but staying at an unfulfilling job for the past 4 years instead would have been much, much harder.”

You can find Chris Esh or Spacious at the following:

Instagram @spaciousphilly

LinkedIn: http://linkedin/chrisesh