Summer 2017 Events

July 18, 2017

At The Fitness Ethic we strive to create an environment that helps every member of our team reaches their fullest potential.  This goes beyond PRs, goals weights, or BMIs, but rather developing into your best self in the gym, at home, and in your career.  A key component to realizing holistic success we strive for is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals.  

This is why hosting events, like The Fitness Ethic Takes on Center City Sip: NO SHOWER HAPPY HOUR, and team breakfast is so vital to growing and establishing a strong and friendly community.  We want our clients to wake up in the morning and cannot wait to get to the gym because they have a family waiting for them there that is ready to motivate, support, and cheer you on throughout life.  This type of relationship may start during a tandem session with someone you never knew, or under the squat rack when you need that extra spot.  However, the type of community we hope to bring to our clients is solidified at events like the ones mentions above.  

While we love all of you in your gym clothes, it also nice to meet each other without hats, hair in pony tails, and in something other than  You may not recognize us, Giovanni is actually quite the fashionisto! All jokes aside we hope to see all our teammates at Fitness Ethic Events and if you have any suggestions on group gatherings comment below.  We also promise no burpees during these events. Let’s build a Fitness Ethic family together.